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ADJ Inno Pocket Spot LZR

ADJ Inno Pocket Spot LZR
The next generation of the popular Pocket Series, the ADJ Inno Pocket 
Spot LZR is a hybrid mini LED Moving Head and green laser in one 
fixture. With two effects in one, the Inno Pocket Spot LZR is perfect 
for mobile entertainers, nightclubs and bars and lounges with a small 
dance floor. 


The Inno Pocket Spot LZR is a mini Moving Head with a bright 12-Watt LED
 source. Its compact size and lightweight makes it ideal for mobile 
entertainers, small club and bars, roller rinks, bowling centers or any 
mobile production.
Featuring 7 colors plus white, 7 gobos plus spot and separate color 
& gobo wheels. The Inno Pocket Spot LZR will give pure lighting 
excitement with its fast moving beams and color changes. It has a pan 
and tilt inversion mode that makes one head do the opposite of another 
when linked together.
Other control methods include: Sound active with 4 built-in shows, or 
use a DMX controller to create your own light shows. The Inno Pocket 
Spot LZR is compatible with the UC IR wireless remote and the Airstream 
IR control App for iOS mobile devices.


• High output mini Moving Head with a bright white 12W LED source

• Green Laser: 30mW (532nm) Green laser

• 7 Colors + white & Split Colors

• 7 fixed gobos + spot

• Separate color & gobo wheels

• Manual focus

• 3 Operational modes: DMX, Sound Active & Internal Show control modes

• 3 DMX channel modes: 13/14/16 Channels

• 4 Built-in shows

• Gobo Shake effect

• Gobo scroll mode

• Beam Angle: 13-degrees
• Light output: 5130 LUX @2M; 1189 LUX @4M (13-degree beam)

• 540° pan / 230° tilt (16-bit)

• Pan /Tilt Inversion mode

• 5 selectable Dim Curves (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural & Theatre)

• Shutter: Pulse effect; random strobe slow to fast

• Dimming: 0% - 100%

• Fan Cooled

• Omega bracket included

• Linkable: DMX via 3-pin XLR cable

• Compatible with ADJ UC IR Remote (sold Separately) & Airstream IR 

• Power consumption: 41.6W

• Multi-voltage Operation: AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
• Power Cable Length: 1.5m (IEC)

• LED Source: 12W White LED source (Rated at approximately 50,000 hrs)

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.25” x  5.75” x 10.5” / 159 x 147 x 265mm

• Weight: 7 lbs. / 3.4 kgs.

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