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Frankenstand F1+F7

Frankenstand F1+F7
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Next Generation Air Powered EZ Up-Down Stand With Safety Lock.

Number 1 is always number 1.

As the first original powered stand, the Frankenstand continues to stand for

innovation, ease of use, and reliability with this 5th generation F1 air powered stand.

Since it's invention in 2003, the F1 has since been imitated by others.

Imitations may be the ultimate compliment but they are far from being the ultimate stands.

Harness the power of Frakenstands and give your gear a lift and your back a rest with EZ Setup and take down.


  • Industry Standard EZ Up-Down System

  • Low profile pole position for EZ speaker loading and removal

  • Frankenstand exclusive high performance internal gas shock

  • Quality Braking System for EZ adjustment superior to imitator stands

  • Spring loaded pull-ring lock keeps your Frankenstand in position even during transport

  • EZ Open-Close wide-stance legs for extended stability

  • Allen bolt and non-nylon nut construction not found in imitator stands

  • Permanently affixed rubber feet prevents loss of feet typical of inferior stands

  • Lighweight yet strong aluminum and steel contruction

  • Compact and EZ transport at only 43" folded.

F1 Specifications:

  • F1 for speakers at 30-50 lbs, F2 for heavier speakers

  • Max height at leg spread with leg braces at horizontal = 6'-3"

  • Max leg spread with leg braces at horizontal = 4'-0"

  • Height at leg spread with leg braces at 45 degree and sliding tube in lowest (down) position = 45.5" inches

  • Height at leg spread with leg braces at 45 degree and sliding tube in extended (up) position = 5'-8"

  • Folded position = 43" inches

    F7 Specifications:

    • Free with purchase of two Frankenstands
    • Genuine Frankenstands premium embroidered carrying bag
    • Heavy duty padding protects against dings and scuffs
    • Two independant storage pouches with oversized zippers
    • High grade rugged nylon for long durability
    • Three handles for EZ stand storage
    • Padded adjustable shoulder strap for EZ toting

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