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ADJ Kool Fog

ADJ Kool Fog
ADJ Kool Fog
ADJ Kool Fog
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ADJ Kool Fog
ADJ Kool Fog
ADJ Kool Fog
ADJ Kool Fog


There aren't many things cooler than dancing to music and lights while 
dense white fog flows around your ankles. Thanks to the Kool Fog 
Low-Lying Fog Juice from ADJ you can make this happen at your next 
event. Like the famous effect of putting dry ice in water Kool Fog, when
 used with a low-lying fog machine, creates a very similar low-lying 
layer that will last longer than standard fog juice. Your crowd will be 
more than pleased with the fog layer on the dance floor this juice will 
make, you'll be the hit of every party, Halloween event, theatre 
production, or regular just-having-a-good-time party. Combining a fog 
machine with lasers and lights makes the light more visible thus 
creating a far more exciting and dynamic atmosphere. Fog Juice may make 
things foggy but your choice is clear, get Kool Fog Low-Lying Fog Juice 
from ADJ today and take your events to a whole new level.

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