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Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2
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Refined, Remastered, Reborn

The CDJ-2000NXS2 inherits all the best features from its predecessor and takes a giant leap forward. We’ve added a larger, multicolour 
touch screen with a Qwerty keyboard and search filters to help you 
select tracks faster. 2 banks of 4 Hot Cues give you more creative 
freedom, while a 96 kHz/24-bit sound card and support for FLAC/Apple 
Lossless Audio (ALAC) means you can play with higher resolution formats.
Download the rekordbox™ music management software or the rekordbox app to prepare your sets.

  • Improved sound design

    For the best possible
     club sound, we've added a 96 kHz/24-bit sound card and improved the 
    digital signal processing (DSP) and Digital Out. Analogue noise is 
    reduced to a minimum by a high-performance 32-bit D/A converter and 
    separate analogue power supply. Crisp high-resolution audio is supported
     for FLAC, Apple Lossless Audio (ALAC), as well as MP3, WAV, AAC, and 
  • Large touch screen

    The 7-inch, 
    full-colour touch screen gives you instinctive control of your favourite
     features. It displays all the info you need, including Wave Zoom, 
    Needle Countdown, Phase Meter, and more. Keyword Search and Track Filter
     mode help you browse and select your tracks faster for an effortless 
  • 8 Hot Cues

    Set cue points in 
    rekordbox and customise their colours. 2 banks of 4 colour-illuminated 
    Hot Cues put instant playback of pre-set cue points at your fingertips.
  • Beat perfect

    Quantize snaps cues and loops to the rekordbox beat grid for a reliable performance every time.

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