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ADJ XS-400

ADJ XS-400


The ADJ XS 400 is a new revolution in moving lights. It features a single 
Axis head that has continuous 360 degree tilt rotation. The XS 400 
utilizes 4 x 10-Watt LED that project sharp beams of light. Its compact 
size and lightweight makes it ideal for mobile entertainers, small club 
and bars, roller rinks, bowling centers or any mobile production.


The XS 400 creates the ultimate visual effect that involves fast moving 
beams and color changes. In show mode you can access 9 different shows 
or create your own color palette by color mixing the RGBW LEDs via DMX 


The XS 400 comes with 3 different operating modes; sound active mode with 
sound sensitivity adjustment, show mode, or DMX control, used to create 
your own moving light shows or color combinations. The XS 400 can be 
used as a stand alone unit or in master-slave set up. The XS 400 is UC 
IR and Airstream IR compatible (Sold Separately) and is used to control 
various functions for the XS 400.


• Unique dual axis Moving Heads 

• 360-degree continuous tilt rotation (spinning)

• 4 x 10W RGBW (4-in-1) LEDs 

• Pixel control of each LED

• RGBW Color Mixing in DMX mode

• 3 Operational modes: DMX, Show Mode & Sound Active

• Stand Alone or Master-slave set up

• 2 DMX Channel modes: 16 Channels & 18 Channels

• 4-Button menu system LED Display making it easy to navigate 

• 9 Built-in shows

• 5-degree Beam Angle
• Light output: 5331 LUX @2M; 1242 LUX @2M (5 degree beam)

• 3-pin XLR DMX connectors

•  I.E.C. In/Out Connections

•  Lifetime of the LEDs (50,000 hr. rating)

•  Power consumption: 40W total 
• Power Cable Length: 1.2m (IEC)

• UC IR wireless controller & Airstream IR wireless App compatible (sold separately)

• IEC In & Out to Daisy chain Power (Connect up to 8 Fixtures)

• Multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz  (IEC input only)

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.75” x 4.75” x 11.25” / 170 x 124 x 285mm

• Weight: 6 lbs. / 2.5 kgs.

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