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Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K

Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K
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Fine-tuned for the booth

The next generation HDJ-2000MK2s inherit all the best from their predecessor, the HDJ-2000,
and receive, optimised audio quality, enhanced sound isolation, maximum comfort, and an even more of a robust build.
These headphones ensure superb clarity with clear sound separation
 from deep bass to crisp trebles. Plus they adopt low-volume air 
chambers and airtight stitching to improve sound insulation and deliver 
the pristine sound needed for monitoring in the loudest clubs.

Key features

  • Sound isolation

    The ear pads' 
    low-volume air chambers provide maximum insulation, reducing external 
    noise in the mid to low frequencies. Plus their damper and airtight 
    stitching ensure clarity for ease-of-monitoring without needing to crank
     up the volume in loud clubs.
  • Maximum comfort

    Designed for maximum 
    comfort and durability, these headphones have lightweight bindings on 
    the headband and hanger to reduce the pressure on your head. Their soft,
     leather-like ear pads with memory foam ensure a snug fit – whether 
    you're performing in a packed club or producing in the studio.
  • Rotatable housing

    Each ear cup swivels a
     full 90 degrees, while the auto-return feature makes them ideal for 
    on-the-shoulder monitoring. Plus the rugged swivel/fold mechanism and 
    hard carry case means they’re easy to transport between gigs.
  • Built for professional use

    An L-type mini-jack 
    stops the headphones getting knocked or disconnected during performance,
     even in cramped booths. At the headphone end, a detachable mini-XLR 
    connector means cables can easily be removed for transit or replaced if 

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