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Pioneer DJM-S9

Pioneer DJM-S9
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Lean and mean

Meet the DJM-S9, our first two-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ.  The 
fully customizable Magvel Pro crossfader, tactile performance pads and 
FX buttons let you tailor the mixer according to your preferences. So 
get ready to decimate the dance floor with personalized FX and rigorous 
scratch performances.

The DJM-S9 inherits its high-quality audio circuitry from our flagship 4-channel digital mixer, the DJM-2000NXS.

The power inlet is designed to reduce resistance and deliver the stable sound you need in loud club environments.

Key features

Magvel Fader Pro

Our durable Magvel Fader Pro magnetic crossfader delivers a smooth 
response. Use the Feeling Adjust dial to change the operational load, 
then modify the crossfader’s curve and reverse settings to your 
preference. Plus the mixer comes with shock-absorbing bumpers in 3 
materials so you choose your level of rebound.

Performance pads

For dynamic live mixing, 16 multi-color touch pads give access to Hot 
Cue, Roll, Slice, Loop and more. Their optimized shape and seat switch 
connections provide great accuracy and response, while the EL display 
instantly shows which mode is in play. In Serato DJ you can map other 
functions to the pads and allocate specific colors for an even stronger 
visual cue.

Customizable FX buttons

Six customizable buttons on each side of the mixer, and two in the 
middle, trigger effects directly on your hardware. Fire up six dedicated
 Beat FX on the left banks, or replace them with other popular on-board 
FX. On the right, you can map your favorite Serato DJ FX* and their 
parameters. The OEL display puts the effect types and beat settings at 
your fingertips.

Filter FX

Rotate the dial to add a high/low pass filter to FX on each channel, or 
use Serato DJ to switch to other filter FX like Dub Echo, Noise and 

Style levers

Quickly turn effects on and off using the 2 large Style Levers.

Trigger FX briefly, lock them on, or exit arrangements quickly.

2 Built-in USB soundcards

Play back-to-back with other DJs seamlessly using the input switcher on 
top to switch between all four Serato DJ decks. And if you prefer to 
play with CDJs or turntables, you can easily do so thanks to DVS 

Enhanced MIC input

The MIC input features Echo FX and

high-quality circuitry to eliminate unwanted distortion.

Clip display

The clip display shows you when your input levels are too high,

while the peak limiter eliminates distortion on the Master output.

MIDI controller

This device is fully MIDI assignable via USB.

Send control information to external devices

and use the mixer as a MIDI controller.


Pad drumming has become a trend for DJs.

Melodics is an app that helps you to learn cue point drumming techniques

and build muscle memory for amazing performances.

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